Reporting Documents

As you have seen, the attendee will have their agency’s training coordinator report the conference hours to TCOLE. It is suggested to use TCOLE #3106 Conference (General) as the reporting number.

Per TCOLE rules 218.1 Continuing Education, we will provide bullets 218.1.b. 2 and 3 which is the certificate including the amount of hours for the conference. Rule 218.1 reads to receive credit you must have lesson plan or certificate. Since we provide the certificate, attendees do not need the lesson plan. Per TCOLE Academy Evaluator if your agency is audited, the evaluator will only ask to see the certificate for the conference.

TCOLE has a sample Outside Training Verification Sample which includes course review and evaluation of the instructor. The session chairs have hard copies for viewing. You can also find it on the TCOLE website. To make it easier on your agency, we have given each of you a survey. This MUST be filled out, signed, and turned in at the end of the conference. We will email this evaluation with the certificate to the attendee to give to their training coordinator for TCOLE credit. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure the conference has the correct email.

The most important thing to remember is that you must scan in and out of each session. If you do not scan both in and out, you will not get credit. If you do not stay for the entire session, you will not get credit. As a reminder, PSAP tours are not considered for TCOLE credit. The opening session will receive TCOLE credit. There will be 2 areas to exit. One marked no TCOLE credit and one marked TCOLE credit. Pick the door that applies to you when exiting that morning.

To download or print blank review forms, Click here