Vendor Attending Only

Yes, Texas APCO and Texas NENA are at it again, bringing together under one roof 9-1-1 professionals, first responders, and Industry Partners from around the state and beyond our borders for education, training, and professional development opportunities as well as networking events and speakers who motivate and inspire you.

If a company is requesting just staff to work the booth and they will not be attending any of the events or be requiring food at the actual conference, they can just arrive and request an Industry Partner (IP) Staff badge at the registration booth. These badges are noticeable to others that they are a free industry partner staff member and they will not be allowed into any events, nor will they be allowed food at any event- even in the Industry Partner Hall. These badges must be turned back into the registration desk every day at the end of the Industry Partner Hall hours.

However, because many of our events are ticketed events and offer the ability to mingle and network; we strongly encourage every vendor to consider getting the additional booth staff registration, which is $285. This is done through your initial or modified registration process through Team911.

To register to get a booth or add additional staff to your booth, you may register here.  On the tab ‘Attendee Info’ you will choose ‘As an IP Attendee’ in the ‘How are you registering’ drop down menu.  On the tab ‘Attendee Selections’ choose the third button, ‘Industry Partner FULL CONFERENCE REG’

Should an Industry Partner be interested in attending the conference but not have a booth or sponsorship, then we do offer a “Vendor Only” option which allows entrance to all of the events for networking possibilities and the meals as part of the conference. This registration is $500 and is also done through the Team911 registration process. Please select the Industry Partner FULL CONFERENCE ticket option to help signify that you are not part of any booth in our conference. These registrations are cross-checked, and you may be contacted with further questions if there is any confusion. Please follow this link and follow the above instructions.

Requests for registration refunds will be honored until March 20, 2020, minus a 3% processing fee. After this date, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN